PR444 L'Arzon

Immerse yourself in the preserved gorges of the Arzon to discover incredible panoramas of this secret valley dominated by the romantic remains of the Arzon castle, as well as the majestic birds of prey that fly over it, such as the short-toed bird.
Facing the town hall, go left. Just before the church, turn left then continue rue du Stade. Further down, head right then, just after a building, go straight on a path. At the road, go left. After 160 m, turn left. Cross the road and continue opposite. In the forest, ignore a path on the left.
At the fork, turn right. Leave the forest and go straight on a wide path. Take the road on the right for 140 m and leave it on the left.
At the crossroads, go straight down. Before Arsac, turn left. In the hamlet, turn left.
At the exit of Arsac, turn left. At the edge of a wood, turn left. At the intersection, turn right. Reach the first houses of Nolhac (on the left, Landscape interpretation circuit “Landscapes of legends”). Turn right. At the fork, follow the road on the left to go around the hamlet. At its exit, go down a path on the right. Further down, at an intersection, continue right.
At the panorama of the Arzon gorges, continue left on the wide path. At the junction, go straight and go down. Further down, continue to the right. At the bottom of the descent, head right and follow a coniferous forest.
Turn left and go up alongside a stream. Follow the road for 550 m.
Climb to the left in the forest. Ignore a path on the left and, further on, find the road. Take it on the left. After 320 m, ignore a path on the right. A little further on, turn right. Follow this path straight on. Turn left onto a road then, at the junction, continue straight on for 60 m. Leave the road for a path on the left.
At the wooden tables, go right and join the road. Take it for 90 m and head right onto a wide path. Immediately, at the fork, turn left and continue straight on until Saint-Pierre-du-Champ. Turn left to reach the start.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Pierre-du-Champ.
Place of arrival: Saint-Pierre-du-Champ.
Saint-Pierre-du-Champ, à 8,5 km au nord de Vorey-sur-Arzon par la D 26.
Recommended parking: Town Hall Square.




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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43130 Saint-Pierre-du-Champ
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