PR443 Le plateau de Saint-Pierre

This route takes you to the granite plateau, along wide sandy paths and through beautiful forest environments... Keep your eyes peeled for mushrooms, wild strawberries, raspberries or blueberries depending on the season! Sometimes the pa
Place de la Mairie, take the D 35 towards Chamalières. Turn right on Chemin du Maure. At the intersection, turn left. In the forest, continue right. Take the wide path on the left for a few meters.
Cut the road on the right and follow the path alongside a wood. Continue straight ahead until you reach the road. Take it on the left then, at the intersection, go straight. Ignore a path in the forest.
Leave the road and continue opposite. Further on, cross the asphalt and continue straight ahead.
Take the D 9 on the left for 230 m and leave it on the left, between meadows. After the woods, take the road on the right. At the entrance to Villeneuve, ignore a path on the left. In the hamlet, turn left.
Before the cross, leave the road on the right. At the fork, continue to the right. Cut the D 9 to go straight down to La Vacheresse. Turn left. After 180 m, turn left onto a path.
Immediately, at the fork, go up to the right. Cross the road and go down to a crossroads. Go opposite and enter the Terraces. Ignore a path on the right. At the fork, turn right. Go past a farm and go down to the left. Further down, head right. The path crosses a stream and joins the road.
Take it on the left, then climb to the right into Tanaüs. Go straight ahead; When the slope softens, continue straight on until you reach the road. Take it on the left and cross Lachaud d'Arsac. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead and move away from the hamlet.
Ignore a first intersection then, at the second, turn left.
At the road, turn right and, after 100 m, leave it for the path on the left. Cross a stream and go straight through the forest to the road. Cut it and go opposite; find her shortly afterwards. Take it for 160 m on the right and leave it on the right. Continue straight ahead past a house; the path becomes a road. At the intersection, turn left and reach the church of Saint-Pierre-du-Champ.
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Departure location: Saint-Pierre-du-Champ.
Place of arrival: Saint-Pierre-du-Champ.
Saint-Pierre-du-Champ, 30 km north of Puy-en-Velay via the D 103 and the D 26 from Vorey.
Recommended parking: Town Hall Square.




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43130 Saint-Pierre-du-Champ
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