PR409 La forêt de Chamredonde

This very wooded circuit is best explored on hot days when the Berbezit pond appears as a calm and refreshing oasis in front of the castle walls. The walk can also continue in the company of a donkey in Valentin.
From Trabesson, with your back to the multipurpose room, go left. Leave the hamlet and turn right towards Carrielle (view of the Margeride mountains and the Allier gorges). Follow the road for 600 m.
Turn left and climb into the forest. Join a small road.
Continue opposite on the track in the Collat ​​sectional forest. Follow left at the next fork.
Leave the wide track for a path on the right in the woods. Join a track and follow it straight on. At the crow's feet, at the fenced park, take the middle lane. Shortly after, you reach a path which you follow to the left, going slightly downhill.
At an opening, you come across a wide perpendicular path, continue straight on the path in the woods. Pass the water tower on the right and follow the field.
At the road, in front of Les Bruniaux, take a few steps to the right and turn left to pass between the houses. Go away from the hamlet, leave a path on the left and arrive above Valentin (little donkey). Follow the road to the right and turn onto the first path on the left. Cross the street, then at the crow's feet, take the central path. Join the road near the Berbezit pond.
Follow it to the left for 100 m and go up left towards Sauron. At the hamlet, cross the road to go straight ahead into the forest. Take the right at the next two forks.
Then join a larger track which you follow to the right, going slightly downhill, leaving the other paths behind. Evolve in the undergrowth then in the open. Join the road at a farm. Follow it to the right to reach Trabesson.
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Lieu de départ : Trabesson (Montclard).
Lieu d’arrivée : Trabesson (Montclard).
Parking conseillé : Centre du village. .




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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