PR378 La Dentellière

A wide tour on a plateau overlooking the Loire valley. On the program: viewpoints of all kinds as well as the discovery of hamlets and small heritage.
From the church, go down rue du Levant on the left. Continue the descent via rue du Toria for 80 m. Go down the stairs on the left, the path then the road on the left for 75 m. Take the path on the right. Cut the D 13 (> be careful!) and continue on the track opposite.

At the crossroads, continue straight on the road and enter Cheyrac. At the watering hole, go up to the left, then turn right. After 200 m, at the
junction, climb the street on the left, pass to the right of the fortified house and continue the ascent.

Branch off the path to the left, at the foot of the rock and emerge on the plateau [O> view, at the rear, of the Dentellière rock]. To the T,
take the track on the right. Continue along the main road which turns left, then obliquely to the right. Go down the road on the right and cross Marnhac.

At the exit of the hamlet, before going down, go up the road on the left. It continues on the track. Ignore two paths on the right and follow the woods.

Just before the road, take a hairpin turn on the path to the right. After 600 m, on the descent, go up to the left via the hairpin path and
go straight to Chambeyrac. Pass to the left of the water tower, go down to the left, then follow the road to the right for 500 m. She leaves the hamlet.

Turn left, take the perpendicular path on the right for 200 m, then go up the path on the left. Continue straight ahead along the track and reach the old Pey Gerbier quarry [O> landscape reading sign].

Turn right onto the hairpin track. It winds at the summit for 750 m. At the T, go down the path on the left and cross the woods. After the left turn, go down the path on the right.

Continue straight ahead along the track, cut the D 13 (> be careful!) and continue along the road opposite for 150 m. In the bend, climb up the path on the right.

Go up the path on the left on the edge of the cemetery and find the starting point.
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Location details

Departure location: Polignac.
Place of arrival: Polignac.
Polignac, 6 km north of Le Puy via the D 13 and N 102
Recommended parking: Church square. .




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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