PR367 Le Montivernoux

In the heart of the Pays des Sucs, let yourself be charmed by the flowery meadows and the forests with a thousand scents.
Follow the road between the houses then the path on the left. At the reservoir, go down the slope on the right. At the road go right. At the crossroads, go right onto a tarmac lane which becomes a path. Find a road, follow it on the left and arrive at a junction.
Take the D 152 on the left for 250 m and go down the path on the right. Cross the bridge on the right, follow the road and cross Le Besset. At the exit, continue along the path on the right. Ignore a first path on the left.
At the fork, continue left. The path obliques to the right at the edge. Follow the road to the right, then the perpendicular road to the right. At the crossroads, turn right towards Granouillet. Take the path on the left. It leads to Chazeaux.
At the hamlet crossroads, turn left. Cross an open area and find a path. Stay left twice. At the forest house, take the track on the right for 100 m, then the path on the left.
Take a right. At the junction, go opposite then on the path on the right. At the Bank, turn right. Continue along the road. At the entrance to Raffy, go down left then, when the hiking paths separate, go right and reach La Roche.
Continue opposite. At the fork, turn left, cross the road and go down the path. At the D 152, take the path towards the lodge. In the woods, at the first fork, go left then at the second right.
Go down to the right. Take the road on the right, cross Manibrand and, before La Balaye, follow the path on the left. Ignore two paths on the left and continue along the path.
Turn right, go down into the valley, cross the stream and cross the road. Continue on the path lined with low walls. Follow the wider path on the left. At the bend, take the path on the right and find Fougères
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Lieu de départ : Fougères (Yssingeaux).
Lieu d’arrivée : Fougères (Yssingeaux).
Fougères, à 4 km au sud d’Yssingeaux parla D 152 (direction Queyrières) et la route de Fougères à droite.
Parking conseillé : Dans le hameau de Fougères .




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  • Hiking route

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43200 Yssingeaux
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