PR355 Circuit de la Vio Basse

Pleasant walk on the plateau cut by the Borne valley with its dikes and old mills. From Drossac, beautiful views of Mount Bar and the Devès range.
From Place de la Fontaine in front of the town hall, follow the road towards the war memorial. At the oven, go left and reach the crossroads with the D 131.
Cut the D 131 and continue opposite for 300 m until you reach a ruined wall. Turn left onto a dirt road. Go down into the Borne valley, pass next to the old Barniers mill, cross the Borne and go up opposite it. Reach a crossroads of three paths near the first houses of Vérignac.
Continue towards the hamlet. Take the D 131 on the right for 500 m. After Vérignac, turn left onto a dirt road for 700 m. Continue the road leading to Drossac for 350 m, then turn right onto a sandy path and descend gently to a pasture where five paths converge.
Cross this pasture to discover a straight path on the opposite side. Follow it for 400 m before coming out on a perpendicular path. Take it on the right, alongside a pine wood, then use the D 13 on the left for 50 m. Turn right onto a dirt road and reach a crossroads of three paths.
Go left on the one which runs alongside a pine wood. Parallel to the D 13, it rises gently and leads to the D 211.
Follow it to the left, cut the D 13 and continue the D 211 for 300 m, ignoring a road on the left. Use a dirt road on the left for 600 m.
Leave another dirt road on the right and continue straight on for 1,5 km to reach Drossac. Keep to the right. South of the hamlet, the road plunges into the Borne valley then goes up and reaches Lissac.
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Departure location: Lissac.
Place of arrival: Lissac.
Lissac, à 20 km au nord-ouest du Puy-en-Velay par les N 102, D 906, D 13 et D 131.
Recommended parking: In the village. .




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