St. Paulien

PR354 L'oppidum gaulois

Light shadows, babbling of fresh waters encouraging daydreaming, lands of history on which men have lived since the beginning of time
From the church, follow avenue de La Rochelambert (D 13) towards Allègre. At the exit of Saint-Paulien, cross the bridge over Bourbouilloux and continue to the crossroads.
Take the D 25 on the left for a few meters, then turn right onto a dirt road. Join a perpendicular road near the old Champagne inn.
Cut it and go down opposite [> view to the left on a volcanic promontory which served as an oppidum for the Vellaves before the Roman conquest]. Pass the wooden chalets and continue to the buildings at the bottom of the valley [> former Ceyssaguet mill transformed into an electrical factory between 1912 and 1952]. Continue the path which runs along the reach of the water supply to the mill.
Cross a small bridge over the reach then a second over the Borne. The path runs along the Gazelle stream. Cross it and continue along the edge of the meadows. Join a dirt road then a road at the entrance to Marcilhac. Take the road on the left. > Access to the Château de la Rochelambert: at the first bend, use a path on the left (600 m round trip).
Continue on the winding road until the crossroads with the D 25. Follow it to the left. Cross the terminal on the road bridge and go up opposite it for 400 m. Go right for a few meters, then take a path on the left parallel to the road [> the “Bolène”, ancient Roman road Lyon-Toulouse]. Join the road then a crossroads with a cross.
Take the right path for 700 m, then turn left onto the dirt road which goes down towards the Bourbouilloux stream. Cross the small bridge that spans it and continue. Follow the tarmac road between the schoolyard and the large Prade car park and reach the starting point of the circuit.
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Departure location: Saint-Paulien.
Place of arrival: Saint-Paulien.
Saint-Paulien, 15 km northwest of Puy-en-Velay via the N 102 and D 906.
Recommended parking: Church square. .




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