St. Paulien

PR350 Le tour du mont Courant

Freshness of the fir undergrowth, ridge route offering wide horizons with the Meygal massif to the east and that of Devès to the west.
Take the street which rises between the fountain and the common oven. Turn left towards the GAEC des Calards farm. After this, a dirt road follows the road. It goes up and comes out on a road. Cut it and continue straight on the forest road for a few meters.
Leave it to take a dirt road on the right which rises towards the Bois de Courant. After a path through the undergrowth [> viewpoints over Saint-Vincent and the Loire Valley], pass a crossroads of four paths. Continue straight on for 600 m. > Access to the Chassaleuil chapel: take the path on the right which heads towards the hamlet (600 m one way).
Continue on the initial route and cut the D 251. Take the path opposite to Les Baraques [> old inns once serving as a stopover for stagecoaches on the way from Puy to Vorey]. After these, cut the D 25 and take the road on the other side for 600 m.
Turn right onto the dirt road which joins Vialette.
In the hamlet, ignore all circuits on the left and join the D 253; descend it for 400 m. At the crossroads, turn left then take the path on the right before the house. Cross the small stream, come out on the D 25; take it on the right for 110 m.
Turn left onto the Cougeac road which goes up. Cross the hamlet and continue the dirt road which follows the road for 150 m. Win a fork.
Follow the path downhill. Take the D 25 as an extension, then turn right onto a road for 300 m. In front of a farm, turn left to climb a grassy path for 400 m and reach Soddes by the road.
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Lieu de départ : Soddes.
Lieu d’arrivée : Soddes.
Soddes, à 18 km au nord du Puy-en-Velay par les N 102, D 906 et D 25.
Recommended parking: In the village. .




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