PR316 Le circuit du dolmen et de Chantouin

A hike between volcanic plateau and forest environments with the discovery of the Palet de Gargantua, an ancient dolmen as well as the medieval remains of Grand Chantouin and Seneujols.
Follow the D 621 towards Bains then take the first street on the left. Then turn right then go left. The road climbs away from the village.
Turn right onto a path which enters the undergrowth. Twice, continue on the left and climb between two stone walls. Enter the forest then continue to climb to the right. Ignore a path on the right. When the path flattens out in the clearing, continue straight ahead. Ignore a path on the left then a second.
At the fork, take the path on the left. Ignore a path which goes down to the left then a second one a little further on.
At the crossroads, ignore the paths on the right and left to continue opposite, on the path on the left. Immediately, at the intersection, turn right and reach a new crossroads.
Take the second path on the right and reach a new intersection. Turn right then take the second path on the left which goes down to reach a clearing.
Cross this straight on then go down into the forest again. Immediately, the path splits. Turn left then immediately right to continue the descent. Leave the forest little by little and reach a small road. Turn right and follow it for 300 m. Turn left onto a pozzolan path and reach a road. Follow it to the left for 650 m.
Turn onto the second path on the right. At the intersection turn right. At the intersection, continue straight on a narrow path. At the next one, turn left and reach a crossroads.
Turn right. Further on, cut the road and continue straight on. At the intersection turn right onto the wide track. At the intersection, turn right to reach the road again. Follow it to the left and cross Petit Chantouin then Grand Chantouin. It then becomes a wide track. Follow it for 1 km.
Leave it for a narrow path on the right which joins Seneujols. Turn right on the road to reach the start.
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Location details

Departure location: Sénéujols.
Place of arrival: Sénéujols.
Seneujols, 14 km south west of Puy-en-Velay
Recommended parking: In the village.




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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43510 Seneujols
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