PR315 Les villages templiers

The imprint of the Templars, whose commandery radiated across the plateau, marks this multifaceted path on the border between modernity, nature and the rural past: wind turbines, vertiginous granite cliffs, Roman via and polychrome bell tower
From the square in front of the church of Saint-Jean-Lachalm, take the small street in the direction of “Via Ferrata”. Go down to the parking area, at the start of the tracks. After the sign, turn right. The path goes back towards the village. At the fork, go left and reach a road.
Go left then turn right at the first street. Then turn left then right to reach the main street at the entrance to the town. Cross to continue on the path opposite. It joins another path, continue right then turn left at the junction. End up at a crossroads.
Follow the path to the left, further on it turns right and continues between agricultural land. Pass under a power line then take the second path on the right at the edge of the pine wood. Reach the GR® 40.
Take the GR® 40 on the right. He goes straight into the woods. Ignore the secondary paths until leaving the forest.
Leave the GR® 40 for the path on the right. Go down to the hamlet of Glutonie. At the entrance, take the road on the left and, in the heart of the hamlet, follow the road on the left. Follow the latter for 600 m to find a path on the left.
Leave the tarmac for the dirt road. Cross a road then arrive at a junction. Turn right and reach Belvezet. At the town hall, go right for 50 m.
Before leaving the village, take the path to the left of the road. The narrow path leads to the houses of Frontfreide. Follow the street on the left. At the fork, go right and arrive on a road.
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Lieu de départ : Saint-Jean-Lachalm.
Lieu d’arrivée : Saint-Jean-Lachalm.
Saint-Jean-Lachalm, à 19 km au sud-ouest du Puy-en-Velay.
Recommended parking: Church Square.




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