PR222 La Durande

At the gates of Saint-Bérain, the view is already clear over the volcanoes of western Auvergne: the Puys chain, the Sancy ridges and the Cantal mountains. But it is at the summit of the Durande, at 1299 m, that this circuit culminates in beauty.
With your back to the church of Saint-Bérain, go up to the right towards the D 48 and follow it to the right for a few meters. In the hairpin bend, continue opposite on the path to join the D 30. Cross it and follow the path opposite then left at the first crossing to find the road.
Cross it and climb the track opposite through the woods. At the top of the hill, leave the track on the right and left to continue straight ahead. Walk along a field and reach the pass.
Continue left towards the summit and the orientation table (cross). At the fork, continue right then left. Pass under the summit to the left of the post (on the right: orientation table) and go down the small path on the left between the pines. We reach a wide path, follow it straight on.
At the crossroads, leaving the woods, take a small path on the left between the trees to reach Limagne. Go down to the bottom of the village and follow the road on the left. At the fork, follow the road on the left and shortly after, before a right turn, leave the road and follow the track opposite (leave the first path on the left). At the first fork, go left and, at the second, go right. Cross the small road and continue. Shortly after, go down to the right to join the D 1.
Follow it to the left and join Combret. In the village, follow the road to the right and, under a farm, follow the path to the left of the cross.
At the crossroads, continue opposite, ignoring the side paths until you reach the D 48. Follow the road on the right to reach Saint-Bérain.
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Lieu de départ : Saint-Bérain.
Lieu d’arrivée : Saint-Bérain.
28/05/2024 Circuit supprimé
Parking conseillé : A côté de l’église .




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