PR212 La vallée de l'Ance

At the start of this beautiful sporty hike, you will be amazed by the panorama of the Madeleine plateau and the Yssingelais and Meygal juices. You will then cross the village of Chalencon, a jewel of the medieval era, and cross the Ance
Follow the street towards the center of the village.
 Before the town hall, take the alley on the right for 190 m, then the path on the left between the low walls. Take the D 243 straight on. At the entrance to Boubas, turn left. Take the street on the left for 30 m, then turn right. Cross the road, continue straight for 40 m, then turn left. The path becomes a path.
At the fork, go right. Ignore the path on the left. After the ford, go up to the right. Take the track on the right. In the woods, continue along the forest road.
In the right turn, go down the path on the left. Stay to the right, cross the footbridge and go back up. At Les Granges, take the road on the right. At Montager, turn left and take the path on the left. Further down, follow the path to the left and continue along the hillside.
Cross Chalencon on the right. Go down the stony path on the right, cross the Devil's Bridge, go back up the path.
Go up the road on the left. After the canal, enter the woods on the right. Follow the D 24 on the right for 200 m. then leave it on the left.
Take the path on the right. At the next fork, go down the path to the right. In the village, take the road on the left. In Cherchebrot, go up the second road on the left for 600 m.
In the left turn, turn right along the path in the woods. At the bottom, take the road on the right. Cross Le Plot and follow the Ance. Cross the D 24 bridge on the left, then follow the road on the left. At the houses of Pontvianne, go up to the right. Cut the D 24 and climb.
At the edge of the woods, turn right. At Crespinhac, head left. At the fountain, turn right and go straight on. Take the D 243 on the right for 300 m and, after the bend, climb the path on the right.
Near the D 243, turn right. Go up to the left and cut the D 243 to continue straight. In Solignac-sous-Roche, turn right to find the car park.
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Location details

Departure location: Solignac-sous-Roche.
Place of arrival: Solignac-sous-Roche.
Solignac-sous-Roche, 26 km west of Bas-en-Basset via the D 42, D 46, D 9 and D 29.
Recommended parking: Church square. .




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  • Hiking route

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43130 Solignac-sous-Roche
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