PR206 Le Bois du Bès

The vernacular heritage (crosses, fountains, troughs, etc.) present throughout this circuit will tell you the history of the place. You will have a beautiful view of the Madeleine and the surrounding juices.
Turn your back on the town hall and take the street opposite. At the fork, go left towards the school (direction Roche-en-Régnier).
At the cross, turn right towards Chazelles. After the pond, leave the PR 682 on the right to go straight through the hamlet. Ignore the road on the right and continue.
At the fork, stay on the road on the left. Just before the bridge over the Breure, leave the road for the path on the left. Cross the footbridge over the stream, then go up opposite by the grassy path. Reach a bend in a road, follow it to the right for 800 m and reach a crossroads.
Take the path on the left. At the fork, stay right. Cut the D 29 (be careful!) and enter Orsignac. In the center of the hamlet (bread oven), head left for 30 m, then right. Cross the stream.
Just after the stream, at the junction of paths, continue straight on. Go up opposite under the trees. At the crossroads, turn left.
Take the path on the left. At the first fork, go right. Go down into the valley of the Orsignac stream and ford it. Take the path on the right. Arrive at an intersection.
Go right and enter the Bois du Bès. Continue right along the forest road.
In the right bend, go down left along the path under the trees. Cross the footbridge over the Breure stream and go up the other slope.
At Les Granges, follow the road on the left. Turn left towards Saint-André and fork left to go around the church on the left before returning to the town hall.
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Departure location: Saint-André-de-Chalencon.
Place of arrival: Saint-André-de-Chalencon.
Saint-André-de-Chalencon, 26 km west of Bas-en-Basset via the D 42, D 46, D 9 and D 29.
Recommended parking: Place de la Mairie. .




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