The Monastier-sur-Gazeille

PR185 Circuit de l'Herm

As you rise opposite the village of Monastier-sur-Gazeille, you will overlook its many heritage riches throughout your hike.
Place du Vallat, turn left onto rue Calveyrade. At the crossroads, near the cemetery, go right and follow it for 80 m.
Go down Chemin des Noisetiers on the left. At the intersection, turn right. At the crossroads, take the small road opposite towards Le Mont. After 150 m, leave the road for a path on the left. Overlooking the road, continue on a wide path on the right. A little further on, follow a stone wall and, at the junction, continue on the right. Higher up, turn right and join the road. Take it on the left and, after 200 m, leave it for the path on the right, parallel to the road.
At the entrance to the hamlet of Mont, take the path on the left. Immediately it splits; follow the one on the right.
At the fork, go left. Cross a pasture on the left. The path narrows and winds down to Chabreyres. Between the houses, turn right then continue along a path. Continue straight ahead until you reach the road. Take it on the right and enter Tallobre. Go straight and climb until you reach the GR430.
 Take the GR on the right. Further on, cross a wide path and continue straight on until Herm.
 After the wash, turn right. Take a narrow path between shrubs and low walls which leads to a wide path. Follow it straight on and, at the entrance to the Mont, turn left then immediately right. Continue straight ahead to the playground.
Take the path on the left. Pass near an antenna then follow a stone wall. Go down between two low walls to Monastier-sur-Gazeille. At the first crossroads, head straight ahead.

2 Walk along the cemetery and turn left. At the car park, go down to the right to reach the starting point.
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Location details

Departure location: Le Monsatier-sur-Gazeille.
Place of arrival: Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille.
Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille, 17 km south of Puy-en-Velay via the D 535.
Recommended parking: Place du Vallat.




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