St. Vidal

PR177 Le bois de la Chelette

A hike accessible to the whole family through the wooded hillside of the Borne gorges. On the program: a unique view of the castle and the church of Saint-Vidal.
From the departure sign, follow the street leading to the housing estate. It becomes a path to the last houses. After the farm, take the road on the left for 20 m and, at the crossroads, the track on the left.

At the crow's feet, near the pools, turn off onto the path to the right.

At the junction, continue right for 20 m. Ignore the path on the right and continue straight on along the main path which turns left. 100 m later, take the perpendicular path on the right. At the fork, head left and arrive at a T, at the entrance to the woods.

Turn left and go down the side into the woods. Go around the scree to the right and stay on the main path, ignoring the paths
secondary [O> view of Saint-Vidal]. Continue along the perpendicular track on the right. Take the D 112 on the left for 300 m.

Leave the road for the sharp-angled path on the left. He enters the Chelette woods. At the fork, turn right

Continue along the wide path on the right. At the fork, head left, pass below the scree, then cross the clearing. Ignore the path on the left, then begin a short winding climb to exit the woods.

Take the track on the edge of the woods on the right.
Continue along the road to the right of the football field [O> panorama of the Borne valley].

Turn left onto the road. She brings back
at the starting point.
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Very easy

Location details

Lieu de départ : Grazac (commune de Saint-Vidal).
Lieu d’arrivée : Grazac (commune de saint-Vidal).
Grazac (commune de Saint-Vidal), à 10 km à
l’ouest du Puy par les D 590 et D 112
Recommended parking: In the hamlet.




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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43320 Saint-Vidal
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