PR143 Le suc de Mons

This circuit, around the Suc de Mons, offers interesting views of the Forez and Livradois mountains.
Follow the D 26 north for 50 m, then turn left. Follow the D 9 on the left for 75 m (be careful!), then leave it on the right for the path behind the restaurant. Take the road on the left. She goes up to La Frétisse.
Cross the road, continue straight on the path, cross a wood and, at the crossroads, continue opposite. Take the road on the left for 15 m, then the path on the left.
Ignore the path on the right. At the fork, take the path on the left for 1 km, keeping the same direction.
At the X-shaped intersection, continue straight on the tree-lined path for 700 m. Cut the small road and continue for 600 m.
 Take the wide lane on the left. She turns right. Ignore the path on the right. At the edge of the woods, turn right. The path leads to Tanaüs. Take the D 26 on the left for 170 m, go down the path on the right and reach Les Terrasses. Cross the hamlet straight on.
 Before the crossroads and the last houses, leave the road on the left for the path. Cross the woods, the D 9 (be careful!) and continue opposite at the edge of the woods. Take the road on the left for 300 m.
 In Mons, head right for 80 m, then turn left between meadows. At the bottom of the descent, turn right. Take the road on the right. At the entrance to La Branchade, go left.
 Persevere to the left and continue along the path which goes down into the forest. Walk along the stream, then cross it on the footbridge and go straight up to Saint-Georges-Lagricol. At the crossroads, continue opposite, then right to reach the church.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Georges-Lagricol.
Place of arrival: Saint-Georges-Lagricol.
Saint-Georges-Lagricol, 6 km south-east of Craponne via the D 9 and D 26
Recommended parking: Parking near the church.




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43500 Saint-Georges-Lagricol
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