PR140 Le circuit de l'Escudelle

From the foothills of Forez to the gates of Livradois, enjoy the shaded paths bathed in legends and the sweet scents of pine.
From the station, cross the bridge over the railway line and take the road on the left. It turns right and goes north, moving away from Craponne.
 At the fork, follow the lane on the left, ignore the road on the left, the path on the left and reach a junction. Stay left and continue straight. Take the road on the left and enter Vernetchabre. Turn right, then left between the houses.
Higher up, turn left. At the next fork, stay right on the grassy path.
At the crossroads, turn left into the woods. Take the D 91 on the right for 520 m and leave it on the left for a path towards Le Pont-de-Chaumat. After the hamlet, reach a crossroads.
Turn right. At the entrance to Gromesomme, take the road on the right for 70 m, the path on the left for 40 m, then the path on the right. He climbs in the undergrowth. Ignore the paths on the right and reach a clearing.
Go up the second path on the left. Shortly after, at the crossroads, continue straight ahead and cross the summit of l'Écuelle, ignoring the path on the right. Begin the descent. At the crossroads, turn right, go down and cross Le Pinet straight on. Cut the D 57 and take the path opposite.
Neglect departures to the right and left to reach Rochette-Borel. Take the road on the left. It goes down to Polagnier. Take the road on the right for 1,5 km, then the D57 on the left for 500 m. Turn left twice into Pocheville.
 In the bend, turn right on the path. At the fork, stay right and reach Ranchoux. Take the road on the right. She moves away from the hamlet. At the crossroads, turn right. At the farm, leave the road on the left for the path along the edge of the meadow. Cut the D 611 and continue. Cross the wood.
 At the intersection, take the wide middle path. Facing the farm, turn left and come out on the outward road.

2 Go left, follow the railway line overhanging then cross the bridge on the right to reach Craponne station.
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Lieu de départ : Craponne-sur-Arzon (gare).
Lieu d’arrivée : Craponne-sur-Arzon (gare).
Craponne-sur-Arzon, à 38 km au nord du Puy-en-
Velay par les N 102 , D 906 et D 1.
Parking conseillé : Gare de Craponne .




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43500 Craponne-sur-Arzon
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