Beaune sur Arzon

PR136 Autour de la Gouise

Passing through the forest massifs located at more than 1000 m altitude, a route with varied landscapes from where the view extends over the Velay mountains and the Mézenc.
From the lake, reach Beaune-sur-Arzon following the road. Take the street to the left of the church. 
 At the intersection, follow the D35 on the right for 60 m. In the bend, follow the small road on the right. At the junction, go down left and continue along the road which leads to the Moulin du Diable.
 Leave the road on the left for the path on the left. Take the D35 on the right for 260 m, then take the second path on the left.
At the fork, head right. Cut the road and continue straight on to cross Les Crottes. Stay on the road. At the crossroads, cross the road and continue opposite along the path which enters the forest. After 10 m, turn left. The path goes deeper into the undergrowth.
At the intersection, turn left onto the wide lane. She goes down and leaves the forest. Cut the road and cross Le Poyet via the winding road. 
After the first group of houses, leave the main road for the wide path on the right. Just after the farm, turn left. Stay on this wide path until you reach the ponds.
After these, continue straight on until the D35. Take it on the right for 70 m. At the bend, continue straight down through the town of Beaune-sur-Arzon.
By the outward road, reach the car park.
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Lieu de départ : Beaune-sur-Arzon.
Lieu d’arrivée : Beaune-sur-Arzon.
Beaune sur Arzon, à 9 km au sud de Craponne sur Arzon par la D1 puis la D35
Parking conseillé : Plan d’eau entre Argentières et Beaune .




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  • Hiking route

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43500 Beaune-sur-Arzon
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