PR086 Les trois tours

Take the GR® 65 Jacquaire route through the Margeride forests. This day hike will introduce you to the towers and imposing dungeons that once guarded the region.
With your back to the car park, go right until you reach a roundabout. Follow the D 589 on the right for 150 m. At the sawmill, turn left onto a road extended by a path. At the end, turn left onto a road and reach a junction [> cross].
Take the road on the left, cross the Pinet. Further on, turn left and, via a long path, cross a coniferous forest. At the exit, come to a fork, turn left, cross the Seuge and go up to the Clauze. Continue straight towards the tower [> tower perched on a block of granite, vestige of a castle built in the 12th century]. Pass in front of the assembly house.
Turn left onto a descending path, then extending into an ascending path through fields and pine woods. It becomes a road before an intersection; Continue right. The road becomes a track and reaches the D 587. Join the D 585 [> cross of Biasse] which we take on the left (> caution!) to Esplantas [> feudal castle with its circular keep from the XNUMXth century]. Continue around the right turn. Take the small road on the left which joins Saugues.
Before the cemetery, take a road on the right. It goes up to an ordeal [> view of Esplantas and its keep, Margeride forests], crosses an agricultural path.
After crossing the Virlange, the road becomes a path then a path in the woods. At a first fork, go left then, at a second, right. Come out onto a road to follow on the left [> view of the Allier gorges and the Devez mountains]. At the Croix des Trois, follow the D 32 towards Saugues.
Turn right onto a road going down into a valley [> view of Freycenet]. Cross the Virlange again and go up towards Freycenet. Cross the village and find the D 32 [> cross]. Continue opposite and continue to the right along a path along a wood [> view of Montchauvet and Mont Mouchet].
Keep the direction leaving the path for a grassy path. Come out again onto the D 32; follow it to the left for around 700 m (> be careful!).
Take the road leading to Saugues on the left. Via rue Saint-Roch, come out onto a square. Go left, then turn right into rue de la Buge. Go down the stairs to Avenue du Gévaudan. On the left, return to the starting point.
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Location details

Departure location: Saugues.
Place of arrival: Saugues.
Parking conseillé : A côte du courts de tennis (camping) .




Activities on site

  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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