PR067 La cascade de la Beaume

Travel the heights of the upper Loire valley and visit one of its tributaries which feeds the Beaume waterfall. After this refreshing bath, return via the greenway and its vast panoramas.
Go down the D 27 towards Le Monastier. After the bridge, take the road on the right.

At the entrance to Mussic, at the crossroads, go up the street opposite and continue along the path lined with low walls.

At the fork, choose the left path.

At the intersection [O> view of the Loire valley], on the edge of the plateau, turn right. At the edge of the small wood, the track turns left. At the T, go down the path on the left towards the bottom of the valley. Further down, continue straight downhill and reach an intersection. > On the left, access to the Beaume waterfall [O> spectacular site].

Climb straight [O> viewpoint] and arrive at a second intersection, on the flat area.

Leave the GR® 302 to go left and continue straight on the path which runs alongside the river. Cross it three times. At the car park, continue along the path opposite and proceed through the woods for 50 m.

Climb up the path on the right in a hairpin. After the reservoir, stay on the main path.

After the Roulon sources, near the technical building, turn left and go up. Take the road on the left.

Just before the bridge which spans it, go down to the right on the greenway and follow it to Solignacsur-Loire. Pass the fire station and, 120 m later, turn right onto rue du Monteil. She slants to the right. Go down left via the D 54 and reach the Place de la
City hall.
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Location details

Departure location: Solignac-sur-Loire.
Place of arrival: Solignac-sur-Loire.
Solignac-sur-Loire, à 12 km au sud du Puy par les N 2088, N 88 et D 27
Recommended parking: Place de la Mairie. .




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43370 Solignac-sur-Loire
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