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La Trott'Ponote

La Trott' Ponote offers guided rides on all-terrain electric scooters in Puy-en-Velay and on the surrounding paths.
La Trott' Ponote offers accompanied rides on an all-terrain electric scooter from Puy en Velay and the surrounding area (Polignac, Golf du Puy – Ceyssac, Château du Thiolent in Vergezac). Walks allow you to discover our local environment, both from a natural and cultural point of view, with little effort, while having fun and without a sound. But why so many starting points? Because the landscapes are too varied to see everything on one walk! What a pleasure to see rare birds or flowers, to read in the environment the history of our volcanism, to see the fields of lentils, the forests of lodgepole pine or to contemplate the works built over centuries by our ancestors. And what could be better than doing it with a machine that does not disturb nature and is atypical: battery integrated into the frame, large tires that go everywhere, two drive wheels equipped with a 750W motor, powerful brakes... and a great look!!! With outings of 16 to 25 km, you will leave in love with our nature!!

The walks are accessible from 12 years old and can accommodate up to 8 people.
Departure from Puy (Aiguilhe campsite or Ceyssac golf course) on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Departure from Polignac on Tuesday Thursday and Sunday.
Departure from the Château du Thiolent on Friday (the price includes the visit of the classified park)
In season, the morning walk lasts 2 hours 15 minutes and the 2 afternoon walks last 1 hour 45 minutes.
And every evening at 20 p.m., a 1 hour walk leaves from the Aiguilhe campsite to one of the most beautiful viewpoints over the monuments (Plaine de Rome) before going for a walk in the old town of Le Puy.
Outside of the summer season, La Trott' Ponote is open 7 days a week. The choice of starting point and duration is to be discussed with Ivonig by telephone. Likewise, special events such as VJG/F funerals or themed outings (photography, mushrooms, etc.) can be organized. Here too, to see with Ivonig by telephone.

Electric mobility rental.

All information is available on the Facebook, Instagram, Internet pages and especially by telephone (0770259917)
We speak French


Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024


Payment methods

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cheque
  • Cash


11 Rue Raphaël (Coming soon)
43000 Le Puy-en-Velay
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