Etape Retournac-Roche-en-Régnier : MicroAventure GR3

Come and discover the Gorges de la Loire thanks to the GR3-302, over 3 days. From station to station, you can organize your roaming according to your wishes.
Pass behind the Church, then in front of the EHPAD and continue on the path. In the housing estates turn left following the road. Turn onto the path which goes up to the right. At the crossroads, keep left until Cottier.
Cross Cottier on the left. At the T, turn left to Youse following the left turn.
Cross Youse (514m) following the road. Take the path on the left, then go up the road on the left for 30m.
Join the square, at the foot of the castle (660m) and go down to the right to a cross.
Follow the road on the left then turn onto the path on the right which leads to Artites.
Turn left and enter the woods. Pass the pass (861m) between the summits of Miaune and Chaumont. 
Cross the track and continue to the right along the path. Turn right twice, continue left, then climb right. The path switches to the other side (930 m) and stops climbing. Head to the right for 20 m, then go down the path on the left. It leaves the forest and enters the hamlet of Bois (880 m).
At the wash house, turn left and, in the next bend, continue along the grassy path opposite. At the edge of the woods, continue to the right along the edge, then enter the woods on the left. Take the track on the right for 250 m, then go down the path on the left, cross the old bridge and take the road on the left.
Cross the D 35 to the left and go up the path lined with low walls. Cross the road, move forward for 25 m, then turn right between the houses. At the fork, take the path on the left which
passes under the rocky peak and emerges into the town of Roche-en-Régnier. Go down the first street on the left and reach a square. Follow the street on the left to arrive in front of the town hall (890 m).
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Lieu de départ : Retournac.
Lieu d’arrivée : Roche-en-Régnier.




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  • Hiking route

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