Etape GRP Chavaniac-Lafayette – Allègre

This stage will take you from the lands of General LaFayette to the Mont Bar volcano as well as the medieval remains of Allègre.
When the D 51 turns right, take the road on the left. Leave the road on the right to take the path on the left. Enter the woods by starting the ascent. Achieve a

Take a right. At the next fork, continue to the right, then, during the ascent, stay on the main path. At the top, arrive at the hamlet of Mont. Turn right and, at the junction,
continue to the right. Continue on the road which becomes a path after the farm. Arrive on the
D 51, cross it to go down into the small valley, then go up to Jax. Staying on the left lane, reach the main street. Go up into the village to reach the church.
Pass to the right of this and, after the war memorial, turn right.

At the last houses, turn left. Further up, reach a road. Take the road on the right for 450 m. As the road curves to the left, leave it for the tree-lined path on the right.
Go down left at the fork. Reach the village of Chastenuel.
Cross it in a straight line and, at the crossroads, go towards Vissac. Quickly leave the D 511 for the road on the left. After 600 m, discover a dirt road on the left.

 Go left into the forest. Stay on the main path. Pass near an enclosed pond, then continue to climb until you reach a road. Cross it and continue opposite on the forest path. Shortly after a path, the path divides.

Follow the path on the left. It winds through the woods. At the fork, go left. The path leads to a road. Follow it to the right, then turn onto the second path on the left. Pass near a wrought iron cross, then follow the path leading to Varennes-Saint-Honorat. In the center of the village, at the road, go right. At the exit of the village, notice a grassy path on the left.
Take this path on the left. When it splits, stay on your right hand. Find a small road. Follow it on the left until you reach the houses of Vialle-Vieille. There, take the right path. Leaving the woods, arrive at a junction.

Go up on the path on the right which will reach Fontannet. Pass to the left of the hamlet, then follow a path on the left in the woods. At both intersections, continue straight. Arrive on a road, cut it and continue along the path opposite. End up on a road. Follow it to the right until you discover a path on the left under the trees. Enter the latter and continue on the main path.

Coming out of the trees, let the path bend to the right to continue on the hollow path on the left. Continue straight ahead, leaving the hamlet of Sannac on the right. Arrive on a wide perpendicular path. Cut it and continue opposite on the path between two pastures. Pass between agricultural buildings. Continue straight between farmland until you reach a crossroads.

Use the path opposite, to the left of the cross. The path gets lower. At the end of the woods, turn right and go down towards Sarzol and reach a crossroads in the center of the hamlet. Take the gravel road opposite. Cross the Western Terminal, then go up a stony path. Pass near the Allègre cemetery, cross the railway line, then go straight.

At the junction of streets, head towards the “city center” via rue Porte-de-Monsieur. At the foot of this “Monsieur door”, enter the alley on the left. On the way up, discover a path on the left.
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Departure location: Chavaniac-Lafayette.
Place of arrival: Allègre.




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