Etape GR70 Saint-Martin-De-Fugères – Landos

From Saint-Martin-de-Fugères you will climb onto the Devès plateau. You will meet Lac du Bouchet, a volcanic lake, then you will walk to Landos between volcanic mountains and hills.
At the crossroads, continue opposite the D 49 for 80 m and take the path on the left. At the fork, stay on the path on the right. Continue straight ahead down to the D49. 
Cut the D 49, continue along the side path towards Goudet and, straight on, reach the town hall.

At the town hall (804 m), turn right, cross the Holme, then take the bridge over the Loire on the right. Go up the D 49 (> be careful) for 500 m to leave the town.

Take the path on the left, cross the bridge and climb the stony path which rises on the left side into the forest. Arrive at a junction (889 m), at the exit of the bend.

Continue climbing to the right and reach the first houses of Montagnac (956 m).

Go straight to the center of the hamlet. Turn into the street on the right. After the last houses, continue on the grassy path. At the bend, go up to the left and, at the level, reach a fork. Follow the path on the right which continues in the valley of the Fouragettes stream. After 500 m, ignore the path which goes down to the right towards the stream to continue straight on. Reach the D 54. Follow the road on the right for 200 m.

Follow the path which goes up on the left. On the flat ground, it passes between fields then reaches Ussel (1 m). Take the D 009 on the left.

At the central fountain, turn left onto road D 491 for 200 m. Then turn right then pass to the left of the reservoir and join a perpendicular path. Turn left then, 50 m further, at
RIGHT. Continue straight ahead to the village of Bargettes. Go around the village on the right.

Take the street on the right then, just before the N 88, go down to the right to take the boviduct. Head right and, after 20 m, go up the path on the left. Reach the Montmartres crossroads (1 m).

Continue straight ahead and arrive at a junction.

Continue straight ahead and cross Preyssac (1 m). At the exit of the hamlet, at the bend in the road, continue straight on the path.

At the fork, go left. Stay right, then turn left. Take the lane on the right, then the D31 on the left to enter Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas (1 m)

Continue along the main street, leave the D 53 on the left and take the next lane on the left [> wooden statue of Robert-Louis Stevenson] for 1,1 km. At the fork, take the left track. At the crossroads, continue straight on then reach a junction.

Turn left. After the stream, the path divides.

Leave the track to continue straight ahead to take the path on the right. Ignore the path on the left to continue straight until reaching a junction at the entrance to Amargiers. Turn your back on the village to take the path on the right. Go down into the valley and cross the stream using a footbridge. Just after this, take
the path that goes left. Arrive at a road; follow it to the left towards the Castier bridge, enter Landos. On the first square, go left, reach the entrance to the second square.
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Departure location: Saint-Martin-De-Fugères.
Place of arrival: Landos.




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