Etape GR430 Queyrières – Le Puy-en-Velay

In the heart of Meygal, Queyrières, a typically Alti-Ligerian village, stands alongside its basalt rock. From there, the pilgrim begins his descent towards Puy-en-Velay passing through St-Julien-Chapteuil and its mills which once lined the S
At the crossroads, do not reach Queyrières, but turn left at an acute angle onto the D 152 for 700 m [O > view from left to right, on the Grand Testavoyre, Mont Chabrier, Mont Mounier, Peyre de Bard, Mont Red and Mount Chanis]. Leave the hamlet of Mas on the right, then take the path on the right. At the fork, go down left [O > view of the village of Monedeyres]. At the junction, choose the left lane and head towards Monedeyres (1050 m). Cross the village by the road on the right to the church, then follow the street on the right.

At the last houses, head right for 50 m, turn left to leave the village and, at the fork, take the right lane. Near the stream, at the intersection, continue straight on along the Mont-Rouge trail. Cross a second stream and stay on the now narrow path which joins a wider path [W > Mont Rouge on the right, Peyre de Bard on the left]. Ignore the path on the right, start to climb and arrive, in a bend, at the Combe Noire junction (976 m).

Leave the path on the right that descends into Combe Noire and continue the ascent to the left for 500 m. Take the D 152 on the right and cross La Faye. At the exit of the hamlet, take the path on the right then the narrow path on the left [O > view to the right of the Suc de Chapteuil surmounted by the remains of a castle and of Saint-Julien-Chapteuil]. It leads to Bard. Take the road on the left and pass the assembly house.

At the junction, turn left, cut the D 152, go to the right of the bread oven then to the right of the last house in the hamlet. Continue climbing along the path, take the road on the right for 200 m, then take the second path on the right.

At the intersection (942 m), turn right, then cross the Neyzac stream [O > mills with thatched roofs] and arrive at Les Couderts. Take the road on the left.

At the fork, turn right then, very quickly, follow the grassy path on the left. Reach a junction (Chapteuil sign); continue straight ahead. The path turns left and divides. Pass the wooden chicanes on the right then, when the path divides, continue left. Before the castle gate, go right, then take the second path on the left. Proceed to the Bacelles tower. The path goes down between the scree then into the forest. The path divides again, turn right. Come out onto a road in the hamlet of Bacelles. Turn right for 30 m then, at the cross, turn left. After the houses, find a grassy path between low walls.

At the junction, turn left. Reach a road. Follow it to the left to enter Saint-Julien-Chapteuil. At the intersection, go straight on rue Simon-Marcon. At the end of this street, turn left to cross the Fraisse stream using the footbridge. Go up left to use the stairs. Go down to the right via Côte Gelée and reach the main street. Go right to reach Place Saint-Robert.

Turn left towards Le Puy. At the roundabout turn right towards Saint-Pierre-Eynac. In the village of Sumène, go left onto the Vio de la Costette and continue until the D15. At this point, turn right for 50 m (> Be careful!) 

Go right, go down and reach the banks of the Sumène. Follow it for 30 m to the left, then cross it on a footbridge (768 m) and continue along the path on the left. It leads to Eynac [O > basaltic organ rock].

In the center of the hamlet, at the level of the community facilities, take the road opposite which descends towards Tournecol.

Turn left to cross the Sumène. The road rises and reaches the hamlet of Tournecol. Continue straight towards Marnhac. At the junction, stay left and reach the center of Marnhac. Head right for 50 m.

At the Marnhac washhouse, turn at an acute angle to the left to take Rue de la Chaud. At the exit of the hamlet, go down the path to the right of the cross. Cross the Trende stream then pass under the road using the boviduct. After a short climb, reach a junction.

Turn right and follow the wide dirt road. Just before reaching a road, turn left onto the path below the road. Join another path, follow it to the left. Immediately, at the fork, continue left. Go around the first buildings of Saint-Germain-Laprade on the left then, at the D 150, go right. Take the first street on the left then, place du Lavoir, go up to the right; use the stairs leading up to the presbytery on the right and go around the church.

Church Square, go right. At the crossroads, turn right into rue du Château. Reach a perpendicular road, follow it to the left until leaving Saint-Germain-Laprade. After a long straight line,
discover a path on the left. Take it to reach a road at a high point.

Take the path opposite between the meadows. Further down, come out onto a small road. Go left for a few meters.

Turn left onto the path which continues down the valley. At the fork, continue right on the path along the stream and reach the first houses of Brives-Charensac. Follow a first street; at the end of it, turn right. Pass near the tennis court then, at the crossroads, turn right. At the first roundabout, go left towards Le Puy-en-Velay then, at the second, cross the bridge over the Loire [O > Pont Galard, built before the Revolution; view of the Old Bridge (302th century) of which two arches remain out of the original nine] (> junction with the GR® XNUMX).

Just after the bridge, take the stairs immediately on the right to reach the banks of the Loire. Follow these to the left. At the old bridge (> separation with the GR® 302),
continue straight then pass under the N 88. Follow the path along the Borne. Cross a first submersible ford to continue on the other bank, then cross the Terminal again on a second ford.
Pass under a road bridge and reach the Pont Tordu. Go up to the left. Cross the road at the secure pedestrian crossing, then cross the car park to follow the Montée de la Coustette which rises in Aiguilhe (> junction with the GR® 3 and 300; starting point of the GR® 765).

Turn left towards the war memorial, then take the pedestrian street on the right which goes up and ends with stairs. Come out in front of the Hôtel du Département. Walk alongside the buildings then turn
on the left (> separation with the GR® 65). Ignore rue Becdelièvre on the right to go straight ahead, rue du Grasmanent. Pass through the covered alley then reach the high point in front of the entrance to the cloister and the cathedral.

After the campanile, turn right onto rue de la Manécanterie, then go down the stairs on the left. Exit rue Cardinal-de-Polignac and then take rue Boudon-Lashermes on the right. To cross
the street through the pedestrian crossing and go down rue Abbé-de-l'Épée. Cross Place de la Plâtrière [O > birthplace of Jules Vallès] to take Rue Sarrecrochet. Turn left onto rue du Bessat
and return to the starting point of the GR® in front of the College church.
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Departure location: Queyrières.
Place of arrival: Le Puy-en-Velay.




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