Le Puy-en-Velay

Etape GR430 Le Puy-en-Velay – Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille

Le Puy-en-Velay, departure town for Saint-Régis. In the center of a vast basin surrounded by volcanic mountains rise basalt dikes, topped with statues and sanctuaries. The city which experienced the influx of pilgrims coming to show their veneration to
Opposite the Collège church, go down right onto rue du Bessat then straight on onto rue Crozatier.

Turn left on boulevard Maréchal-Fayolle then right on avenue
Georges Clemenceau. At the crossroads, cut the avenue and go up
facing rue Pierre-Farigoule. Cross the bridge over the railway tracks and
continue left for 100 m.

Turn right onto Avenue d’Ours-Mons. Before swimming, take
rue Édouard-Estonié on the right, then climb via Chemin de Bel-Air
to the left. Continue straight ahead along the path called la calade d’Ours
[ > on this calade, the peasants were used to exercising
young horses galloping: the descent pushed them to obey, willy-nilly
graciously…]. Continue on the main path and come out to the first
houses of Ours [ > on the left, a carved stone cross and
dated 1600]. Pass to the right of houses and reach a crossroads.

On the square, go down opposite the Chemin du Vallon [> on the right, the Château d'Ours] and exit the hamlet [> wash house, water troughs]. In the bend before the N 88, go right and turn left to pass under the N 88 bridge.

At the crossroads, go forward for 20 m, then turn onto the path on the right. It climbs, sometimes bordered by low walls and shrubs.

At the top (830 m), at the collar between the two summits of the Garde d'Ours and the Garde de Mons, continue by the road for 50 m, then by the path opposite [> on the left, a chibotte, shelter of dry stone shepherds]. It goes down and then winds. Take the track on the right for 300 m. She arrives at the southern entrance to the craft zone.

Take the path on the left. After the cross, it goes down into the undergrowth [ > view on the left of the Bouzols castle on the other side of the Loire] then becomes a road (chemin de Taulhac then chemin des Esclos) [ > view on the left of the massif of Meygal (the Grand Testavoyre and the Mont de la Tortue); in front of it, the juice of Servissac; straight ahead, Mont Mézenc and Mont Alambre]. Reach the crossroads with the greenway, at the edge of the D 38 bend.

Follow the D 38 on the left for 100 m. Go down Route de la Chabanne on the left. At the cross, go down left then, at the crossroads, turn right into the Mourgues housing estate. Go straight until
the D 37 (on the left, access to the Volhac fortified house at 300 m 9). Take it on the right, then turn left to cross the Loire at Coubon.

Follow the D 37. At the exit of the village, go straight on Route de l'Holme.

Further up, turn right. After 200 m, continue straight [> view to the right of the Château de Poinsac].

At Holme [> maison de béate], take the second lane on the left. Follow this wide path [> view to the left of Mont de la Tortue, Rocher d'Aiglet, Dents du Diable, Mont Mézenc and Mont Alambre]
which leads to a road.

Near Archinaud, take the road opposite then continue straight on. At Bois Rouillier, continue straight on. Follow this wide path. When it splits, go left.

At the crossroads with a wide path, go opposite on the path between the trees.

At l'Herm, turn right after the washhouse and climb between shrubs and low walls. Follow the wide path straight ahead.

At the entrance to the Mont, turn left then right. At the playground, head on a path to the left. Pass near an antenna, then follow a stone wall. Go down between two low walls to Monastier-sur-Gazeille.
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Departure location: Le Puy-en-Velay.
Place of arrival: Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille.




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