Etape GR40 Siauges-Saint-Romain – Montbonnet (Bains)

La Durande
The Durande mountain raises its massive triangular shape above the Allier valley and seems to command, on its eastern slope, a large part of the volcanic plateau which extends at its base. It is an ancient volcanic relief, its
Turn left and follow the D 590 for 150 m. At the fountain, turn left. Two streets then appear: take rue Saint-Romain on the left. Find the main street (D 590). Take it 50 m to the right before turning right towards “the castle” (> shortly after the picnic area, a path on the left provides access to the castle of Saint-Romain [p. 59]). Continue on this forest road which turns into a wide dirt road. Reach a fork [> cross].
 Go left. Ignore several secondary paths on either side and continue on this roadway which gradually climbs. After a high point, go down and come out on a road. Follow it 300 m to the left until you reach a crossroads (> straight on, access to the Limagne marshes).
 Turn right, then follow the right path [> left, viewpoint over the Limagne marsh]. At the crossroads, go opposite. After 350 m, turn left then right. Join a junction.
Leave the path on the left (> direct access to Vernet in the event of a storm, see dashed lines on the map) to follow the grassy path opposite which goes between the pines to the foot of the Durande [p. 39]. The path climbs steeply to the summit [> remarkable view of Velay; p. 31]. Go down the wide winding path. In a bend, ignore a first grassy path which goes left. Further down, notice a second grassy path on the left.
 Then leave the wide path to take this grassy path on the left marked “les trois sucs”. After 600 m, reach a new intersection of paths.
 Turn right, then immediately left on the path that goes down. At the end of the forest, the path splits. Go right between farmland. At the two successive forks, continue to the right. At the motorway, go left to reach the village of Vernet. At the pond, take the road on the left for 130 m, then leave it to take the dirt road to the right. Stay on the main path. At the high point (reservoir), the path comes to a junction.
 Take the wide path which curves to the left for 600 m.
 About 200 m before the road, leave the wide path for a grassy path on the right. It divides immediately. Turn left and join the road. Go opposite and enter the Poux. Cross the village passing to the right of the cross. At the last houses, leave the road for the path on the right. Ignore a perpendicular path on the left and reach a fork.
 Turn left on the path that goes up. Higher up, leave the first path on the right to stay on this wide path which enters the woods. On a flat area, coming out of the trees, ignore a path on the right, then reach an intersection. Turn right, follow the edge of the woods, go down slightly, then reach a junction.
 Turn left. Further on, in the woods, the path splits. Take a right. Find a wider path and follow it to the right. Come out onto a small road. Follow it to the right for 1,8 km.
 Leave the road to take a dirt road on the left which passes to the right of the marshy area. Further on, the path splits (junction with the GR® 65).
 Turn right then, after 50 m, turn left. Leave the woods and start going down. At the two successive forks, turn left. The path goes up again. Just before the high voltage line, ignore the path on the left to go straight towards Montbonnet. At the road, go left for 150 m until you reach the stone cross. Then turn onto the right lane towards “la Chapelle de Montbonnet”. After 350 m, arrive at a junction (separation from the GR® 65).
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Departure location: Siaugues-Saint-Romain.
Place of arrival: Montbonnet (Bains).




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