Etape GR40 Saint Julien du Pinet – Vorey sur Arzon

One last step as the icing on the cake! The crossing of the Emblavez, the perched village of Mézères, the mills of Blanlhac, the climb to Suc de Bartou, a most spectacular end of the GR!
At the crossroads, in the village, turn right. At the church, go down left. At the fork, continue left and leave the village. At the road, continue right until the D 7. Follow this to the right for 50 m and go up left towards Les Sagnolles. In the hamlet, after the two bends and the fountain, discover on the right a lightly marked path which climbs above the houses.
 Take this path which goes up between low walls then under the trees. At the high point, arrive at a crossroads. Turn left and reach the hamlet of Breux. At the intersection, go straight. Follow this small road until you reach the entrance to Mézères. At the junction, go left for 30 m, then leave the road to go right between two houses. Climb the rocky spur and, at the top, reach the church. Go around it to the left, then go down towards the town hall [> water point].
 To the right of the town hall, take the narrow path equipped with a wooden ramp which descends from the volcanic spur. On the flat ground, turn left at an acute angle onto a path bordered by low walls. Cross a scree. At the small crossroads, follow the road opposite and reach another junction [>wooden cross]. Go down left into the hamlet. At the bottom, at the crossroads, continue left then right to go around the farm. Just after this, turn left, then discover two dirt roads.
 Follow the one on the left. Enter the woods. At the fork, turn left.
 At the junction, go right; 100 m further on the path splits. Turn left and follow this well-marked path which winds through the woods. Arrive at a new fork.
 Turn right. Further on, the path divides. Continue to the right, then arrive at the bend in a path. Follow it to the left. Quickly, it splits again. Go straight ahead, then, at the edge, turn right onto a path lined with low walls. After 150 m, discover a path on the right.
 Take this path which soon narrows. Pass the wooden chicane and follow the narrow path (caution!) which overlooks a pasture. After a second chicane, emerge onto a wider path. Follow it to the right, then go down left to enter Blanlhac.
 In the center of the village, turn right. Follow this small road, exit Blanlhac, then continue to the crossroads of the Croix de Tailler (junction with the GR® 302). Take the second road on the left towards the Costaros rock. After a little over 1 km, reach a junction.
Take the road opposite that climbs to Chomeil. Turn right, then cross the village, take the grassy path which will wind up the Suc de Bartou (be careful). Come out onto a wider path. Follow it to the left to complete the ascent of Suc. Go back down the other side into the woods.
 At the junction continue the descent on the right. Reach a road at the hamlet of Aunas. Then turn right until the junction near the oven and the cross. Go down to the left and join a perpendicular road. Turn left to reach a junction further on. Turn right and follow this road for 100 m. There, to the left of the road, a path leads between agricultural land.
 Leave the road for this path which soon enters the woods. Ignore a path that goes down to the right, then cross a lane. Go back up and find the road at the entrance to Donaze. In the center of the village, take the road on the right. Follow this small road for 900 m and reach the houses of Plan de Bot.
 Just after these houses, leave the road to take the path which goes to the left of the road. The path quickly returns to the road. Follow it to the left for 50 m before leaving it again for the path on the right. Further on, the path splits.
 Go down to the right. After several bends, join Changeac. In the village, turn left and cross the Loire by the metal bridge. Take immediately left the path which leads near the railway tracks. Cross the road (be careful!). Pass under the railway line.
 At the crossroads, go right. Find a street. At its end, turn right. Reach Chemin de Chaux and go right until you reach the D 103. Turn right to reach Vorey-sur-Arzon station.
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Lieu de départ : Saint-Julien-du-Pinet.
Place of arrival: Vorey-sur-Arzon.




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