Etape GR300 Saint-Jean-De-Nay – Chavaniac-Lafayette

From the plain of Saint-Jean-de Nay you will discover characterful villages with lava stones purplish by pouzelane. All the way down to the stronghold of General La Fayette.
From the Church Square, head left. At the crossroads, turn right and leave the village. At the fork, go left towards Montagnac. Just before the bridge, follow the wide dirt road on the left; go up the Saint-Romain valley to a house. Ignore the departures on the right and go up to the D 40; it leads to the right at Les Granges.
At the cross, turn left and reach a place in the center of the hamlet. Head left on the path that goes down [> fountain, and bell from 1997 by Mr. Jean Pignon]. Stay on the main path, leaving the departures on the left. Walk along a wood and reach a fork.
Go right. Reach Vacheresse. Take the small road, turn left then right. At the next junction, go up to the right towards a wooden house. After this, turn left onto a dirt road which crosses a valley and continues between cultivated land and pastures. Reach a junction.> Junction with the GR® 40.
Continue straight ahead. After 300 m, turn left flat between the fields. The path then goes down to Bussac-Haut. Follow the street on the left, pass the village square [> watering trough and bread oven] going straight ahead. Ignore a street on the right and continue for 100 m.
At the last houses, take a path on the left; it crosses the valley of the Ance stream. At the fork on the other side, go up to the right on a path lined with hedges. At a stone cross, take the wide path on the right and come out on a road; take it on the left until you reach the entrance to Siaugues-Saint-Romain.
Just before the cemetery, take the path on the right. Wind between farmland and, at the crossroads, continue opposite on a grassy and damp path. Further on, ignore a path on the left. Reach a fork.
Go down into the valley on the right. At the bottom, cross the Ance and continue on the other bank via a cobblestone path going up to Lair.
 In the hamlet, always turn left. Extend the road via a path slightly overhanging the valley: it gradually descends to the ruins of the Ricard mill. Cross the Fioule stream and go up to Vissac. At the houses, reach the village square by the street on the left [> church, central fountain].
 On the right, join the D 511; Follow it to the left via a path below. At the exit, cut the road and go up the small road opposite. Pass under the railway line and climb straight on the gravel path. After a high point, go down slightly and arrive on a small road.
Continue on the path opposite for 100 m [> view of Langeac], then go down to the left along a path, then a path between low walls. Come out near a reservoir and, a little further down, onto a wide path: it leads to the left to Blaizat. > Junction with the GR® of Pays Robe de Bure and Cotte de Mailles.
Proceed on the road to the right until you reach the water troughs. Then turn right onto a dirt road. After 130 m, go down to the right. In sight of agricultural buildings, turn right, cut a wide path and go straight between the meadows. Ford a stream and go up opposite to Cizières. At the road, turn left and, just after the wash, go right. Leave the village and arrive at a crossroads.
Turn right for a few meters, then left onto a grassy path which goes down. At the bottom, cross the bridge on the right and go straight on into Chamalières.
At the end of the bend, leave the road to take the path on the right which goes up and becomes a grassy path. Come out onto a road; follow it to the left for 250 m, then take a wide dirt road on the right. Pass under the N 102 via a passage on the right. Then follow the small road which leads to Freycenet. Ignore a road on the left.
In the right turn, take a stony path. Shortly after, at the fork, continue to the right and go down into a small valley. Cross a stream via the footbridge and, a few meters further on, go up to the left. At the top, reach a crossroads: continue opposite on the narrow, grassy path, and arrive at a small road. Turn left towards the houses.
After these, take the path on the right. Go straight down and reach Chavaniac-Lafayette. On the right, cross the small bridge over the stream then immediately turn left onto a street. Arrive at the foot of the church. > Separation with the GR® de Pays Robe de Bure and Chainmail.
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Location details

Departure location: Saint-Jean-De-Nay.
Place of arrival: Chavaniac-Lafayette.
Saint-Jean-de-Nay 17.6 km (22 min) from Puy-en-Velay.




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  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking route

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