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Goudet, village on the banks of the Loire, at the foot of the ruins of Beaufort castle. Ancient 13th-16th century fortress dominating four valleys and blocking the passage of the Loire; it was besieged during the Hundred Years' War and the Wars of Religion.
Continue straight ahead, cross the bridge over the Loire on the right (761 m) and go up the D 49 for 500 m to the castle ruins car park.
Continue on the D 49 for 550 m.
Turn right on the path that climbs the hillside. Follow the path which leads to the plateau and reach Fleurac. On the left, join the large grassy square and pass in front of the small oratory of the hamlet (980 m).
After the oratory, turn right, then follow the street on the left. At the cross, take the wide path on the right. It goes down between the fields then into the woods.
At the fork, take the left path. It goes up slightly. In the bend of the track, pass in front of the ruin and go down to the right. Stay on the main path which narrows and goes downhill. At the bottom, cross the small bridge over the Bèthe stream (893 m) and go up.
Continue the ascent via the path on the left and turn right to enter Les Ceyssoux (970 m). Go right again and reach the communal area (picnic table).
Continue straight ahead to leave the hamlet. The track follows the edge of the plateau and dominates the Bèthe ravine for 1,6 km. Ignore the path on the left, then reach a junction (938 m) before the track bends.
Turn left with the main track. Take the road on the right and cross Les Rozières.
At the crossroads, proceed opposite on the path which passes to the right of the house, then take the path on the left. It cuts the spur of the plateau and goes down the side into the woods then between the hedges.
At the first house of Les Salles, go down to the right and continue along the path which passes below the village. It descends sideways into the woods for 900 m.
At the fork, go up the path on the left and continue the ascent. On the plateau, continue along the track. At the grove, ignore the track on the left and, at the next intersection, the track coming from the farm on the left. Reach a junction (929 m).
Leave the hamlet of Kings on the left, turn off onto the right track and stay on the main track towards the Beaume waterfall. At the crossroads at the edge of the woods, continue left.
At the Maison de La Champ, take the track on the right for 200 m, then go down the track on the left and pass the ruin. Continue along the path which plunges into the undergrowth into the Beaume valley. Cross the wooden bridge (825 m) and emerge onto a wider path.
Take the wider path on the right. At the belvedere (860 m), go down the path to the right and arrive at the foot of the waterfall. Use the path at the bottom of the valley to return to the wide path. It continues in the valley. On the way up, ignore the two paths on the right, then the path on the left and come out on the cultivated plateau.
At the junction, turn right. The track continues between fields and wooded meadows, then touches the edge of the plateau. At the crossroads, continue along the track on the right. It curves to the left and arrives at the top of Collandre (790 m).
Go up the road on the left. Having become a track, it leads to Music (855 m). Cross the hamlet while staying on the right.
At the crossroads, go down the road on the right. Go up the D 27 on the left to reach Solignac-sur-Loire (850 m).
In the center of the village, turn right onto rue de la Renardanche. On the Place de Beauzac (fountain), go straight towards the church. At the church, follow the passage called Porte de Moutoune on the left. At the entrance to the cemetery, continue along the path. He goes around the spur. Take the road on the left for 80 m.
Go down to the right towards Le Chier. At the washhouse, turn left twice and continue along the path on the side. Ignore the perpendicular path on the right and continue descending into the valley.
At the fork, cross the bridge over the Gagne on the right. Continue straight on Chemin de la Croix and reach the heart of Cussac-sur-Loire (680 m).
Go down the stairs on the right and emerge in front of the church. Head to the left, take the main street on the left, cross the D 54 (> be careful!) and go up rue de la Boureyde. At the end, continue straight along the path.
Continue opposite by the road. At the fork, stay right and continue on the D 54 for 350 m.
Go down the path on the right. It winds through the woods and finds the road (760 m). Then take the path on the right. It leads to the houses of Valhory. Take the (perpendicular) road on the left.
Just before the bridge which spans the greenway, go down to the right to follow it for 1,3 km. After the wooden barrier, stay on the dirt road which passes to the left of the housing estate. Come out at the crossroads of the D 38, in Coubon.
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Location details

Departure location: Goudet.
Lieu d’arrivée : Coubon.
Parking conseillé : Dans le centre de Goudet .




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