Etape GR 302 – Coubon – Beaulieu

From Coubon you will walk on the old railway line linking Le Puy to Langogne. Then, from the Chaspinhac plateau you will see the perched village of Saint-Quentin and further away the castle of Lavoûte-Polignac.
Take the pedestrian crossing and continue on the greenway for 6 km to Brives-Charensac.

Cross the Chemin (road) des Ribeyres overlooking the Loire.

Leave the greenway to go down the Roumiou path (road) on the left. It passes under the greenway bridge. Take Chemin de la Ligne on the left, then Avenue de la Gare on the right. At the round-about,
continue opposite for 20 m, then take rue de l'Église on the left. Go around the church on the right and, after the square, follow rue de Charensac on the left for 50 m.

Turn right into the alley and take the underpass which leads to the banks of the Loire (600 m).

Follow the bank to the left, pass under the building which houses the media library and stay on the path along the river until you reach the Chartreuse bridge (600 m).

Cross the Chartreuse bridge [O> xve, of Roman origin] on the right to cross the Loire. Cross the D 374 at the pedestrian crossing and continue opposite. Ignore two lanes on the left.

At the third lane on the left, take the path which borders it on the right. It leaves the housing estates and climbs along the four lanes of the N 88. Cross the footbridge over the N 88 on the left and turn right.

At the fork, go left onto rue des Pâtureaux and enter Fay-la-Triouleyre (670 m). Leave the street on the right, go down right onto rue de la Chaud.

 Turn left onto rue de la Sumène, then go down to the right onto rue de Chazot. It runs along the valley and continues along the way. At the bottom, cross the bridge over the Sumène (618 m), turn left then right and arrive at the foot of the relief.

At the ruin, head left for 60 m, then climb the stony path on the right. At the junction, continue the ascent to the right. The trail curves and climbs the wooded slopes. At the top, take the D 71 on the right for 300 m, ignoring the first perpendicular path on the left.

Take the path to the left. He climbs overlooking the road then finds it again. On the left, it leads to Place de Chaspinhac (864 m).

Go past the fountain. At the stone cross, turn left onto rue de la Chabanne. Take the perpendicular road on the left for 100 m.

At the bend, continue straight on the track. Ignore a path on the left to stay on the main track which climbs through the woods. It leads to the first houses of Brouilhac.

Before the stone cross (900 m), go down the track on the left.

At the fork, continue the descent via the left track. It enters the woods and arrives at an intersection (806 m). Climb the stony path to the right. Continue climbing while staying left. The path dominates the Loire gorges and crosses the woods (860 m). Take the road on the left for 400 m. At the bend, go down the path on the left. It leads to Brestilhac (800 m).

Take the street on the right. At the hairpin, continue along the path opposite and, at the fork, go left. Keep heading north, passing the cross. The path makes two bends, goes down along a thalweg, enters the woods and descends the slope in wide bends.

At the first house, turn left on Chemin du Bois-Noir and continue straight on Rue de la Maternelle. Come out into a street parallel to the D 7 and the Loire (560 m).

Take the street on the right and continue to the right, rue du Lavoir. Continue straight ahead, go around the cemetery and continue straight on to Pimparoux.

In the center of the village, take the street on the left (chemin du Rioule). At the junction, continue left. Cut the D 26, continue along the path on the left and cross the ford. The path turns right. Take the footbridge which spans the Suissesse, enter Beaulieu, cross the D 7 (574 m) and reach the Place de l'Église.
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Location details

Departure location: Coubon.
Place of arrival: Beaulieu.
Recommended parking: Park in Coubon.




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