Etape 15 Est – GR 765 Retournac- Roche-en-Régnier

You will pass from the banks of the Loire, climbing to the heights of the gorges to admire the Loire from the ruins of the dungeon of Roche-en-Régnier.
Continue along the main street. Place de la République, turn left onto Rue de la République, continue on Avenue de la Gare. Pass in front of the museum, cross the railway, then cross the bridge over the Loire (509 m).
At the crossroads, after the bridge, go right for 50 m. Go up to the left via rue Raymond-Dechiron which winds between the houses of Retournaguet. Rue Roger-Méallier, turn left. Ignore a street on the right, then turn right towards the church.
Pass to the left of the church, follow rue des Riailles and reach a fork. Turn right and reach the entrance to the cemetery. Then turn left onto a small hollow path bordered by hedges. Continue climbing to reach a road; follow it to the right and reach a crossroads at the entrance to the Cros leisure center.
Take the path opposite, between the center and the road. It enters the forest, crosses a stream and, further on, reaches a fork: turn right. At the end of the woods, come out on a road; take it on the left for 250 m.
Just before the houses of Chantegrail, take a grassy path going off to the right. Continue along a path between the hedges then into the woods. The path drops sharply and comes out onto the D 103; follow it for 400 m on the left, until Ventressac. Turn left into the alley. Reach an intersection. 
Head towards the Château de Ventressac then turn right at the wash house onto a wide grassy path. Go straight ahead. At the perpendicular path, go down to the right along a stone wall. At the end, follow the road on the left until you reach the railway bridge.
Do not go under the bridge, but turn left onto the path which gradually rises and becomes a path. On the way down, use the stone bridge on the right which spans the railway line and emerge onto the D 103 (station on the right); follow it to the left, pass under the railway viaduct and reach the metal bridge over the Loire at the entrance to Chamalières-sur-Loire.
Just after, take the metal bridge over the Loire. Pass under the viaduct. Take a small road on the right which climbs and cuts the bend in the D 35. Cross it and climb between the properties. Continue along the stone path. After a few bends, cross the D 35 again. Take a path opposite which rises to Les Pialloux.
Continue along the access road and, at the fork, turn right onto the dirt road. At the fork, turn left and reach Tarrier. Cross the road, take the path which rises opposite and enters the Miaune forest.
Ignore a first path on the left. Continue straight ahead, passing near a water catchment. When the path splits, go left and continue straight on. Walk along a wall of large stone blocks then, when the view opens up to the left, a path goes off to the right.
Go up the stony path on the right under the pines and beeches. Reach, on a flat area, a fork in the road. Continue left and come out on a wide forest track.
Go opposite for about 100 m. Go up again to the right and end up on a perpendicular path; follow it to the left for 50 m. To the right, the stony path climbs between rocks and trees then, after a high point, descends slightly. Arrive on a perpendicular path. Go up to the right a few meters.
Take the wide path going down to the left, exit the forest and arrive at the village of Le Bois. At the road, just after the fountain, turn left for 80 m. At the bend, turn left onto the path. Further on, ignore a first path on the left then, at the next fork, turn left. Join an intersection, turn right and come out on a road.
Cross Prassalat by the road on the left. Cross the D 35 to take a slightly left path between two low walls. At the exit, cross the street, go opposite for 20 m, turn left in front of the house. Higher up, join a tarmac road; follow it to the right until the crossroads near the post office.
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Location details

Departure location: Retournac.
Place of arrival: Roche-en-Régnier.
Retournac depuis Yssingeaux : 15 min ( 12.9km)
Retournac depuis le Puy-en-Velay : 36 min (31.1km)
Parking conseillé : Parking de la Gare .




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