Hikes along the Loire gorges, tour of St Quentin, path of St Jacques and Stevenson, donkey rentals.
Donkey rental for walks and hikes, Virginie welcomes you to her home, in the heart of nature, to meet her donkeys near Puy En Velay.
Whether you are a simple walker or a seasoned hiker, come and share your adventure with a donkey!
It will carry your luggage, your picnic, and above all will bring you calm and serenity throughout your trip...
The donkey is an endearing and thoughtful animal. It knows how to adapt its attitude according to the people around it, especially children.

With family, alone or with friends, come and live this experience!!!
Further information) :
On reservation
We speak French


Further information) :
15 euros : 1 h
20 euros : 2 h
28 euros : 1/2 journée
45 euros : journée
Pour les randonnées sur plusieurs jours, merci de nous contacter


Activities on site

  • Equestrian sports
  • Horse trekking route


La Brousse
Rue de la Voie Lactée
43700 Chaspinhac
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