Guillaume Chonion, mountain guide, organizes hikes in all seasons in the heart of the most beautiful natural spaces in Haute-Loire. It offers personalized hikes, circuits suitable for everyone, for the day or half-day. During these walks he talks about the fauna, flora, or geology of the sites crossed. The opportunity to discover, or rediscover the territory, with friends, family or couples, or even colleagues.

How did you become a mountain guide?

William Chonion: It came from the trips I made, particularly to the United States. I had the opportunity to get to know people I accompanied during hikes in Haute-Loire, and more precisely on the Mézenc side. I am passionate about nature and outdoor sports. This activity allows me to introduce people to the natural spaces of the department. I started 4/5 years ago, and for two years in Haute-Loire. I carry out this activity in parallel with my job as a rope access technician.

What is the role of the mountain guide?

William Chonion: It’s about taking people safely on hikes, all over the world, by the seaside and in the mountains. The conditions are simple: you must have no equipment, no ropes, no harness, no crampons. Only snowshoes are permitted in winter. The heart of the job is to talk to them about the environment in which we operate when it comes to hiking. We talk to them about fauna, flora, or geology. The interest of my job is to be able to teach people things about the territory in which I was born.

Is it necessary to have special equipment?

William Chonion: I recommend weather-specific clothing. Of course warm clothes in winter. A cap in summer, sunglasses, and then of course mountain shoes. A minimum of equipment is required. And then, you have to plan something for a picnic at midday.

How can I find out more and register?

William Chonion: There is all the information on my Facebook and on my Instagram, and also on my flyers. There is my telephone number and my email address to be able to book.

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